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Business Network

OpenText Business Network is a cloud platform that facilitates efficient, secure and compliant collaboration across digital ecosystems of people, systems and things. Business Network provides the necessary digital exchange foundation, process orchestration and business insights to optimize processes across an extended ecosystem—including supply chain, corporate-to-bank connectivity, order management, payments, customer notifications and more.

Category List

  • EasyLink is now part of OpenText Business Network, a set of solutions within Enterprise Information Management (EIM) that facilitates efficient, secure, and compliant exchange of information inside and outside of organizations.

    Business Network products include electronic fax solutions, secure and encrypted messaging solutions, and mass notifications capabilities. Flexible deployment options are available, including cloud, on-premises and hybrid deployments.

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  • The Imaging for Windows User Community offers product updates, documentation, code samples, frequently asked questions, as well as a discussion forum to connect with other Imaging for Windows users.

    Technical support and service are not available for the Imaging for Windows product. However, there are a number of self-service options available through this community including a discussion forum to post questions and answers.

    RSS Feed 55 discussions 3 comments Most recent: How to get the byte stream for a scanned document in Captiva 7.7 by Venkata_Medikonda November 22
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