What's new in RightFax 21.2

On June 25 we held a live webinar for RightFax 21.2 - the latest edition of RightFax. We had a fantastic turnout and a lively question-and-answer session. However, we didn't get to all of the questions. So, let's continue the conversation here. If you missed the webinar, below is a summary of the release highlights and a link to the webinar recording.

What’s new in OpenText RightFax 21.2

OpenText™ RightFax™ 21.2 delivers new functionality to streamline workflows, expands its EHR integrations, and enhances security. Here’s why you should download the latest version and update your system.

Certified Allscripts EHR connector

RightFax 21.2 introduces a certified integration for Allscripts Professional EHR™ and Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR built using the RightFax Web API. Now organizations that rely on Allscripts for their electronic medical records system can have staff fax directly from within the Allscripts tool using their RightFax solution. This simplifies the faxing process, strengthens security, and improves HIPAA compliance

Capture-driven intelligent workflows

Incoming faxes are essentially image files. Their immutability is one of their security strengths, but that also means that their contents aren’t easily entered into workflows. Traditionally staff have had to extract key bits of information by eye, then manually re-enter them into the right places to be used. This not only wastes a lot of time but also introduces the risk of human error.

The next frontier of digital fax is intelligent workflows driven by intelligent capture – software that looks at incoming faxes with OCR, digests what’s in them, and automatically submits or updates the necessary data in databases and other solutions.

RightFax 21.2 introduces a new Intelligent Workflows module that seamlessly integrates the OpenText Intelligent Capture engine. Available in both desktop and web clients, Intelligent Workflows is built around a simple OCR capture template designer that makes it easy to tell the system where to look for what information, and what to do with it next.

With Intelligent Workflows, inbound faxes become semi-structured files with actionable data, removing manual/human-driven data entry. Beyond bringing that information into other programs, within RightFax they can be searched for with keywords and filters, as well as automatically routed to the staff who need them (no more shared inboxes!).

Comprehensive API update

RightFax 21.2 increases customization and integration possibilities with a new expansive SDK for the RightFax REST API, simplified development via Postman language-agnostic framework, and an extensive repository of sample code and documentation. It’s never been easier to develop custom solutions and integrate RightFax with business applications.

Security enhancements

RightFax 21.2 boasts improved administrative auditing raised to NIST standards, support for Microsoft Azure Active Directory environments, and support for OAuth for cloud platforms including Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and okta.

Learn more

For more information on other features and functionality included in this release, watch our on-demand webinar.


  • Hey Erik,

    Does the Intelligent Workflow module provide the ability to approve and reject workflows? Also wondering if a fax can be processed via multiple workflows and whether the data captured can be exported?


  • Greetings, Steve. Thanks for your questions. The simplest and shortest answer is, yes - on all accounts.

    Longer answers and context...

    1. Users can approve and reject workflows based on their user permissions. In other words, not any user can approve or reject a workflow. Admins must allow this functionality on a per-user or group basis
    2. A fax can be included in multiple workflows or workflow branch - e.g., a patient intake form where one workflow sends the referral to a clinician while another workflow (or branch) sends the form to the billing dept
    3. Fax metadata and data captured via Intelligent Workflows can be exported to an XML file. Thus, facilitating integrations with archive and back-office systems (just to name a couple).

    Appreciate your questions, Steve.



  • Chris_Hackett
    Chris_Hackett E admin
    edited June 29, 2021 #4

    @Steve P Welcome to the community and if you need anything please let me know! [email protected]

  • Do we have a date yet when Rightfax 21.2 will be available to download?

  • Hi there, @Frank Deddo I don't have a firm date just yet. Looking like some time next week. Will update this post once I have the date.


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