How to combine Client and Server-side Events?

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Hello all,

I want to run some actions when user clicks a radio button.

the action will firstly be client side (i.e. a java script function) then server side (a method in a the java behaviour class)

the client side script is as follows:

function onClickCtrl(source) {


postServerEvent(null, null, null, "onClickDisplayCompany");


and in java class

public void onClickDisplayCompany(com.documentum.web.form.Control c, com.documentum.web.common.ArgumentList args)

        DfLogger.debug(this, "onClickDisplayCompany", null, null);


The client side ran fine. but I get the following error message when it tries to run the server-side script.

invokeMethod() failed trying to call:  onClickDisplayCompany( com.documentum.web.form.Control,  com.documentum.web.common.ArgumentList )
class  java.lang.NoSuchMethodException

does anyone know what I have done wrong? may be I need to change the postServerEvent to the following?

postServerEvent(null, null, null, "onClickDisplayCompany", null, null);


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