Free Download - Documentum 6.6 Developer Edition Has Arrived

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We've just made Documentum 6.6 Developer Edition available for download from EDN.

You can read about the new features in 6.6 here:





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    There is also a xCP Developer Edition 1.0 available on Powerlink as part of the customer/partner downloads.

    Craig Peters responded 5 weeks agon on Twitter: "xCP 1.5 Developer Edition is delayed several weeks.  I hope we'll have it available mid-July.  The 6.6 release IS xCP 1.5."

    However, when I unpacked the zip last night and went over the installation document, it appears as if it's not xCP.

    Can you comment on what to expect around an xCP Developer Edition 1.5


    Kind regards,


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    Will the 6.6 developer edition will work on windows 7 ?.The installation guide says the client application will work but the content server should be installed on xp sp3  or winows server. Anbody installed it ?

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    Some times ago I have installed xCP DevEdition on Win 7 and all worked fine.

    In fact, xCP DevEdition doesn't differ from Documentun DevEdition - I think we can say that the first is an extended version of the second. So, I think it will work.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    What are the products included in that suite?

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    xCP Developer Edition includes the following products:

    • TaskSpace
    • Process Engine / Process Integrator
    • Process Builder
    • Forms Builder
    • Content Server
    • Business Activity Monitor

    Webtop is not included.

    More learn you can here. And you can get it if you have PowerLink Dowload Center account.

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    If you have a Powerlink download account, you can at least find it as part of the trial software.

    But beware: the download of xCP as is available today, is 1.0 based upon Documentum 6.5Sp2

    An xCP 1.5 developer edition based upon 6.6 is - as far as I know - not (yet) available.

    Therefore my question ;-)



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    you can at least find it as part of the trial software

    Yes it is in the trail section. But this is fully functional installation and as developer you can use its for free (ASFIK).

    I am interested too to know whether something specific about the time the release of version 1.5.



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    Any database include in the package?

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    Any database include in the package?

    Included as usual MS SQL Express 2005 but it is documented how to use an existing db.

    The attached PDF is included in the download.



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    Pardon me for  not mentioning xCP developer edition .

    Actually  i was asking  about it.

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    Still the same answer.

    As said by Miller-zzMST / Konstantin Melnik:

    In fact, xCP DevEdition doesn't differ from Documentun DevEdition - I  think we can say that the first is an extended version of the second

    The basis for both is the same content server with the same database.

    xCP 1.5 Developer Edition = Documentum Developer Edition 6.6 +  TaskSpace + Process Engine / Process Integrator + Process  Builder +

    Forms Builder + Business  Activity Monitor -/- Webtop

    Therefor I would say that the documentation of this developer edition would be applicable for that part to a future 1.5 xCP developer edition.

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    I just checked Powerlink software trial download site for  xCP developer edition. As of  today there is no xCP developer edition available for download.

    - Samdarshi

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    no xCP developer edition available for download

    Did you look in the right place?

    On Powerlink go here: Home  >  Support  >  Software Downloads and Licensing  > Documentum Download Center

    Then select Download Products- Click to download your products, download your license keys, or view your Docbase IDs in the content area.

    This will bring you to subscribenet where the downloads are.

    Select Trial Software from the navigation and scroll down to Documentum xCelerated Composition Platform.

    Although it is 1.0, it's still there

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    You are correct. It is available. Description on trial software list is - "Documentum xCelerated Composition Platform".

    - Samdarshi

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    I have downloaded xCP developer edition in split formats image0001,image0002..imag0024.

    I merged the files   using this command COPY /B IMAGE*

    When i try to open the archive its showing invalid archive.

    I tried iso,rar format  also but  result is same.

    I am able to view the file using winrar but could not extract it.

    What is the exact procedure to merge these files.

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    You did the right thing, using the DOS Copy command.  If you're confident that the files downloaded intact then you should log a service request to report the problem.  Most people just do the single file download and it's possible there's a problem with the multiple file option for this product.  I did notice that someone on the support forum had this problem but eventually got it to work:  I'll mention this to product management so they're aware of the issue.

    In response to the other messages, I'm checking into the availability of a 1.5 Dev Edition and will let you know asap.

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    xCP Developer Edition 1.5 is planned for release in mid-August.

    You should be able to get to the xCP Developer Edition Trial Download (currently 1.0) by following this link >> .  Note that this is only for customers and partners that have a Powerlink account.  Please let me know if you have trouble getting to the download this way - Powerlink access is dynamic and depends on the entitlements you have been granted, so it's possible that not all Powerlink users have access to this download.



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    Hi jerry thanks for the reply. I have downloaded  DCTM 6.6 developer edition and some of that files have CRC errors.

    CRC Error.png

    I could replace the SQLEXPR_ADV.EXE with the one downloaded from  microsoft.Dont know how to replace the other two files (webapps.jar and bocs-ws),

    Any way to solve this problem without downloading it again?

    I  also have DCTM 6.5 sp2 developer edition ,is there a chance to use the files  from it to replace broken  6.6 files.


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    Please do NOT use files from a previous release as a replacement.  I have not yet had a chance to download and concatenate the separate files as you have done.  But I did just test downloading the file as a single zip file and then used WinZip 9.0 to test the file.  WinZip reported

    No errors detected in compressed data of C:\Documents and Settings\peterc\My Documents\EMC\

    Perhaps there is some odd interaction happening with the concatenated ZIP and WinRAR.  Can you try the WinZip client?

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    We've just added several sets of documentation for the 6.6 Developer Edition release:

    Administration and Concepts

    Documentum Administrator User Guide

    Content Server Fundamentals

    Webtop User Guide


    Composer: Building a Documentum Application Tutorial (Version 6.5 SP2)

    Composer User Guide

    Documentum Foundation Services (DFS) Development Guide

    Documentum Enterprise Content Services Reference

    Content Server DQL Reference

    Documentum Foundation Classes (DFC) Development Guide

    Documentum System Object Reference

    Web Development Kit (WDK) Development Guide

    Web Development Kit (WDK) and Webtop Reference Guide

    Platform Extensions

    Content Services for EMC Centera 1.2c Administration Guide

    Documentum High - Volume Server Development Guide

    Retention Policy Services Administrator User Guide (Version 6.5 SP3)

    Release Notes

    Composer Version 6.6 Release Notes

    Documentum Foundation Services (DFS) Version 6.6 Release Notes

    Documentum Foundation Classes (DFC) Version 6.6 Release Notes

    Web Development Kit (WDK) Version 6.6 Release Notes

    Webtop Version 6.6 Release Notes

    All of these are available on the Download Page.

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    Is there a way to test RSA Access Manager using the Dev Edition? RSA uses an IIS ISAPI filter so I'm assuming there is an ISAPI filter to connect to Webtop? Any suggestion would be great. Thanks. 

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    Great Newsss..Trail version!  how long it'll be active once u install it?

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    There is no "ticking clock" or expiration date.  However, once newer version of Developer Edition is available, this version will no longer be accessible.

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    Any news for Documentum 6.7 Developer Edition availability?

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    Expected soon.  Watch here for an announcement.

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    Hi Jerry - Any update on Dev Edition 6.7?

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    With Documentum 7 and xCP 2.0 coming soon, we're considering holding off on a 6.7 Developer Edition.  Please let me know what impact this will have on your projects.

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    Jerry - We would like to use Developers Edition version 6.7 to demo / "do a proof of concept" of the Documentum Mobile application as well as version 6.7 of DCM with 6.7 Content Server.

    Thanks for your help with this.


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    Hi Jerry,

    We're already running on ancient (I know, exaggerating...) versions for demo's, PoC's and sales.

    Knowing our client behavior, they won't be jumping xCP 2 or Documentum 7 in the first months after its release.

    If 'soon' would be march 2012, it means we'll be using the old stuff probably until summer is over.

    If 'soon' is this summer, it will be until 2013 that we'll have to use the current developer edition.

    Can we survive that? The question is: do we have a choice?

    I believe that if you give the community that choice, we don't want to wait until D7/xCP2 but want a current developer edition asap. At least, I do



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    Thanks for the feedback on the 6.7 release.  I can't promise anything but we are discussing this with product management, and your comments are very helpful.

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