How to show the latest document version which the user can see without showing all the previous vers

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Hi people,

I have a requirement where I need to show the latest version the user can see, without showing "all versions".


The user John cannot see the document on version 1.0 and 2.0 (CURRENT), but he has read permission on 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3.

When he does the search or navigate through the folders, he doesn't see the document unless he selects "Show All Versions" on the filter. Selecting this option shows versions 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3.

The customer requirement is to always show the latest versions that the user has permission to read.

I.e.: John will navigate or search and see version 1.3, while the document's owner will navigate or search and see version 2.0 (current).

Does this configuration exists in Documentum? I haven't found anything about this, natively or customized.




  • AM_Raju
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    I think you should hide the show version menu.

  • gcampos
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    Hi AM_Raju,

    the user might need to see all the versions, but this is not the problem, the problem is that by default Webtop doesn't show a document to the user if he doesn't have permission on the latest document's version.


  • Elliott
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    There is no way to get Webtop to do what you want without customization.  We ended up creating a second cabinet that contains the "published" versions of the files, that the readers can access.  Since it doesn't contain a "CURRENT" version that they don't have access to, they can see the latest version.  The editors access the documents in the original cabinet, they have permission to the "CURRENT" version.  We have an approval workflow that copies the document to the "reader" cabinet (and converts it to PDF, if that is requested).

    One of the consulting companies proposed a custom solution, but we haven't gone down that road yet.  If you come up with a better solution let me know.



  • gcampos
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    thank you for your response.

    I thought there wasn't a way to do that without customization, and we can't duplicate the documents because this is an engineering documents solution, and it's very restrictive on some rules over its documents.

    I'll do some research over filters and queries and post here if I find anything that works well.

  • Tony_Chu
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    For this problem, we need to define what is the latest version, since the user did not have browse permision on "current version".

    Is it by Modification date ?

    Best Regards

    Tony Chu

  • lastnitescurry
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    Elliots solution is very close to what you want, but do the following to achieve your engineering goals.

    1. LINK not copy,  A document can be linked to multiple folders at the same time
    2. Use attached custom webtop xml to create a custom node which displays the contents of a particular folder, i.e. /Published cabinet.  Limitations,
      • left hand tree node browser not working (if you fix it, please send code back to me)
      • it will display all versions, hence, your publish actions should unlink all previously published versions

    This is a common Engineering / Pharam requirements... so

  • gcampos
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    Hi Tony,

    the latest version would be the most recent version by r_creation_date or r_version_label (1.0, 2.0, etc.) in which the user has at least browse permission. I can set a custom r_version_label = "Approved" if it's needed to simplify the solution.

    Hi Brian,

    thanks for the links, code, and tips.

    As the users will have 800k+ documents they will always use the search function, so I may not be able to use a custom browsertree node to solve the problem.

    I will spend some time over it today, and I'll post any news here.

    Thank you guys.

  • lastnitescurry
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    • Set custom label "APPROVED"
    • Customise Search Results to add
      • search all versions
      • return versions with label "APPROVED"
  • gcampos
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    thanks for all the answers.

    I did open a case with Documentum support, as our customer needs couldn't be addressed. The customer needed to search and see CURRENT or Approved, depending on what version he has permission.

    The support team logged a Feature Request, number WDK-5180, so the engineering will be evaluating our need.

    Regards to all,


  • lastnitescurry
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    Feature Request, number WDK-5180

    WOW!! will be intersted to hear if anything comes of this

  • gcampos
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    Well, I hardly think they'll implement this feature, as it may require big changes on Documentum code (DQL, Search, etc.).

    But anyone can follow the request on

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