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Hi all, i am amater on document i read many document which give specifications on the product and its advantages. Now, i am trying to download it and to install.

Please may you give me the link of the page where i can get it? and also installation guides?

what is the name of the product i will download to get the set of componets (content server, taskspace, xPlore, process builder, forms builder, BAM, Process engine and Brava server). is it Documentum developer edition?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

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    welcome to Documentum.

    Please may you give me the link of the page where i can get it?

    There is Content Srever developer edition and xCP developer edition which are free.

    Developer Edition


    The xCP developer edition includes all products for xcp I think.

    Hope that helps.

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    To download xCP Developer Edition (don't with mix up Developer Edition, without xCP) you'll need Powerlink Download Center account. xCP Dev Edition this is a bundle of various products. I suggest you (as a beginner) to download installer for Windows SQL. This installation package will let you setup Dev Edition in "two" clicks.

    After installation you will got:

    • xCP Sample Application
      • Grants Management Sample Application
      • Grants Management Sample Application Technical Reference
    • xCP User Interface
      • Taskspace
      • Business Activity Monitor
    • xCP Configuration Tools
      • Process Builder
      • Forms Builder
      • Process Reporting Services
      • Composer
      • Documentum Administrator
    • xCP Server Components
      • Content Server
      • Process Engine
      • Business Activity Monitor
      • Process Integrator
      • Document Imaging Services
      • Documentum Collaboration Services
      • SQL Server Express 2005 Database (in case if you chosed the appropriate configuration)
      • JBoss Application Server: hosts Documentum web applications and run administration jobs
      • James SMTP Server: Sends and Receives email
    • xCP Documentation
    • xCP Best Practices Guide
    ~ Konstantin
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    hi Himran,

    while trying to download xCP Information Center, i got an error:"the download can not be completed because the source file cannot been read"

    i tried it many times

    can you help please?

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    I have been able  to download it successfully right now.I don't know maybe speed of  your Internet connection is low or there is a limit for download size .Have you tried from a different host?

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    agreed.  I find that downloading from work is limited because of too stringent policies.  easiest method is free wifi from a local cafe.

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