Show custom type and default selected attributes in columnselector preferences

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I want to have my custom type selected as default in "Preferences: Display Settings: Columns for Cabinets" screen. Currently "Default Items" comes as selected in dropdown. I want to replace it with my custom type selected by default. Also, the attributes already comes as selected in "Selected attributes to display as column" list should be my custom attributes.

What should be the syntax I use to udpate any of these files.



display preferences

doc list etc

i.e. I want to replace "Default Items" which is shown as default in dropdown list to "custom type" for cabinets preferences. What xml configuration should I modify for this?

Preferences Display settings for cabinet.JPG





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    well in webtop 6x

    for the types list : "webtop/config/display_preferences_ex_component.xml"

    for the attributes list:

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    Agreed but what should I modify in xml exactly for this?

    Thanks in advance

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    You need to check columnselector.jsp and corresponding class file for the same.

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    I found the answer to the question.
    The default item is defined in class "AttributeSelector" WebTop and more precisely in the method "populateDocBaseTypesDropdownList." We do not modify it by configuration. If you want to change the default option, you must redefine the component. But I do not think the change is relevant.

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