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Custom activity defenitions

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Hello Experts,

I have developed a custom activity for process builder which copies some documents from one docbase to another. We will very often  require it because we have several docbases and there are document excange between them.

I have created an activity defenition file and so far what I got is this,


Now my problem is that I want the password to be invisible, also create a drop down and get available repositoriy list from the docbroker and populate the list box.Like in DQL read activity.

However I don't have a document that explains it, and the definition files for DQL Read can't bee seen.

Please let me know where I can find some information on this and processd.

Thanks in advance


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    Imran Yusubov wrote:Now my problem is that I want the password to be invisible

    Good question. The first thing I'd try is to use the decrypted password and see if it works.


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    But what does it going to do with the activity definition file?

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