Upgrade from 6.5 sp2 to 6.7 fulltext index / xPlore migration

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We are in the process of migration from 32 bit 6.5 sp2 to 64 bit 6.7 sp1. Upgrading all servers , content,index,db,app,db.

My repository size is 100 GB.

My question is

1. How long it takes to complete reindexing for repository my size?

2. If we are doing this over weekend then we should be able to complete this? ( No need to keep fulltext index)

Or I should follow

1) Upgrade Content Server from 6.5 to 6.7

2) Install Xplore.

3) Retain 6.5 FAST ( I don't know how. Explain me how to do this as we will have new 64 bit server )

4) Continue to run search queries to FAST 6.5 while xPlore 6.7 reindexes.( DUAL MODE )

5) Retire FAST after xPlore is complete.




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    Hi, great question i'm going to send this around and hope to find a response shortly. Thanks!


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    The content size alone is not sufficient to determine the time for reindexing. For example, if the majority of the content are TIFF or JPEG images, the content of those will not be indexed. The xPlore sizing tool should give you a good enough approximation.

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