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[DM_CRYPTO_E_CANT_FETCH_CRYPTO_OBJECTS]error: "The Filestore Key associated with the storage area f

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Hello Experts,

We are trying to setup a DR instance with installation owner,docbase owner same as production which has 4 content servers.The Databse and content is copied from production.The storage path is different from production.We have updated that in dm_location table.But we are getting errors in our logs. 

1. In Docbase log (or while trying to open a file in the cabinet via DA):

Tue Dec 18 03:01:59 2012 583000 [DM_CRYPTO_E_CANT_FETCH_CRYPTO_OBJECTS]error:  "The Filestore Key associated with the storage area filestore_01 could not be retrieved. Internal error - 524."

We have copied the aek.key and the dbpasswd.txt file from production but after that also we are getting the same error in the logs.


Also we are not able to run reinit,c command from IAPI.It gives followig error: 

[DM_SESSION_E_RPC_ERROR]error:  "Server communication failure"

java.io.IOException: Unexpected end-of-stream

Related to this there is also error in docbase.log

Current Session ID: 01000065800eb579
Last SQL statement executed by DB was:
SELECT  *  FROM dmi_change_record_sv FT_  WHERE FT_.r_object_id=?      ; :handle = 3300006580000001
No Session Record.
TID(1428) Exception Stack Dump:Exception c0000005 (ACCESS_VIOLATION) occurred at 7779e42e.
Return addr/Frame: 7779e023  / 06ccf69c  RtlInitUnicodeString+1fe

Tue Dec 18 03:57:19 2012 333000: 1468[1428] Error: dm_bear_trap: Unexpected exception, (Tue Dec 18 03:57:19 2012 NT Exception: Exception Address: 7779e42e, ACCESS_VIOLATION at (Connection Failure)),  during new session creation in module \Perforce\depot\Platform\ContentServer\HFX\hfx_6.6_P11\dmnew\rpc\netwise\server\dmapply.cxx after line 540.  Process exiting.

Please help.




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    Hi ,

    Am also facing same issue ,did you got any work around for this?

    please let me know

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    Did you do an upgrade recently ?

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    Yes we are upgrading d 6.6 to 7.1

    Just finished the upgrade after starting docbase we are facing this issue

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    Try commenting new crypto entries in server.ini for the repository. Also, I am assuming you have checked the upgrade path from 6.6 to 7.1.

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    Hi Binay,

    Thanks for the reply. I have commented the below lines in server.ini file and retsarted the repository,

    #crypto_mode =3DES_RSA1024_SHA256

    #crypto_keystore = Local

    Also in dm_location the file_system_path mentioned is an external storage path and we have an access to that path .

    But still we are getting the below error in repository log,

    [DM_CRYPTO_E_CANT_FETCH_CRYPTO_OBJECTS]error:  "The Filestore Key associated with the storage could not be retrieved. Internal error - 1057226563."

    Can you please tel me is there any other changes needs to be done.

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    You have checked on your aek file ?

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    Generate a new encrypted password by using the following command. Take back up of dbpasswd.txt. Replace the dbpassword with the new one. Restart Docbase

         api command - dm_encrypt_password -docbase <docbase_name>  -rdbms -encrypt <password>

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    Hi, Mayur

    did you resolve the above issue? if yes can you send me the process.

    I have also same issue in 6.6 CS

    Can you please help me.

    Thank you.

  • Hi ,

    Any one please suggest if the issue is resolved? We are also facing the same issue during window 2008 to 2016 up-gradation. Please share the steps. Thanks
  • Please update if anyone has any suggestion.
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