IAPI failed to run because of a failed status returned from dmAPIInit() when executing through batch

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Hi All,

We are automating our build process through Jenkins tool. As part of this automation we need to execute .api and .dql files. For that we are placing the command in a batch file and executing it in Jenkins. we are getting the below error in Jenkins console when it tries to execute that batch command. We are able to lanuch iapi32.exe directly in command prompt with the same command and also manually. The command we are trying to execute is below.

iapi32.exe docbase -Udmadmin  -Ppassword -RE:/Jenkins/ApiScripts/create.api

IAPI failed to run because of a failed status returned from dmAPIInit()

Do we need to perform any additional configuration to make it work through batch script from Jenkins.

Please let us know if anyone have pointers / suggestions to make this work.




  • mrum
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      I had a similar issue. I resolved it by setting the classpath before the iapi call from Jenkins.

    Something like

         set ClassPath=E:\Documentum\product\7.1\dctm-server.jar;E:\Documentum\config;E:\Documentum\dctm.jar

  • I'm also getting same Error. These classpath are set, but doesn't help. Any thoughts how to resolve this issue?

  • Can we get to know the solution for this error ? I am also facing this issue now

  • Does the IAPI/IDQL script work if you run it manually within IDQL/IAPI?

  • Saai Kaarthik
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    No it is not working. Actually our agent_exec is also not running.

  • The IAPI/IDQL exe will have to run as and Administrator generally to be able to initialize all classes. I believe this "could" be your problem. Now I see your agent_exec is not running as wlel, you likely have other problems that would need more detailed logging to troubleshoot. Best friend here is change management. What has changed since it was last working? (java version, patch version, intrution detection implementation,etc).

  • As @Michael McCollough said, there's most likely something wrong with the configuration. You should check classpath / path variables, as well as java.ini in %DOCUMENTUM%/product/xx.x/bin to make sure everything is properly configured…