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Update running workflow name

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Hi All,

     In DFC 6.7 SP2, I was able to update the running workflow name by using a dql query or dfc followed by a save. After upgrading to DFC 7.1, updating by dql is no longer supported and throws an error "[DM_WORKFLOW_E_SAVE_ONCE] ". If I try updating the name using DFC, the name doesn't get updated.  workflow.setObjectName("new name"), if I run a workflow.save() after the set command, I get the same error as I get with DQL.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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    Here the code I am running as a automated workflow task:

    private void updateWfName (IDfSession session, IDfWorkitem workitem)


    IDfWorkflow workflowobj = (IDfWorkflow) session.getObject(workitem.getWorkflowId());

    workflowobj.setObjectName("Testing workflow name update");


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    Hello , did you find any solution?


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    I had multiple calls with EMC support and they no longer support/allow changing the workflow name after its running, change was made in DCTM 7.0 and greater. The only way you can change the name after the fact is directly in your database server.


    Akheil Jain

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