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D2 4.5 in the Cloud

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Can anyone advise if D2 4.5 can be built or migrated on Microsoft Azure?

We are migrating data from Opentext eDocs to D2 4.5.

All responses would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Carol


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    As for as i know,Microsoft Azure is the cloud services of Mivrosoft. If you are able to "rent" a server and able to install a SQL Server, DCTM and a application server, there is no problem to host your system on this infrastructure.

    I currently host a D2 4.2 on AWS and it works fine.

    If you have extra question about your migration from eDocs to Documentum, please feel free to DM me.


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    We have tested (not certified) on a couple different providers and it worked just fine. vCloud Air, AWS, and Im fairly confident Azure would work as well. If they allow for an uploaded OVF like vCloud Air/AWS you might be able to take an existing machine and migrate it in.

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    Thank you very much Dave, your response is much appreciated. Carol

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    Hi Julienne, thank you very much, the information is much appreciated. Carol

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    Hello @casers ,

    Please mark your question as answered for search purposes.


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    Any one has documentation of steps to perform setting up or migrating existing Documentum application to Microsoft Azure ?

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