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Edit Content Page - XCP 2.1

divya_neelaiahdivya_neelaiah Divya Neelaiah
edited May 25, 2015 in Documentum

Hi All,

In the Edit content Page is there a possibility to get the control of  the viewer component so that

1. We can disable few buttons like

  • a. "Reorder Page"
  • b. "Inset New Page"
  • c. "Extract Page"

2.  In "Inset New Page" option diable the "Overwrite current version" option.

I have attached the screen shots for better reference.


  • DeviAnantharamanDeviAnantharaman Devi Anantharaman EM
    edited May 25, 2015

    Hello Divya,

    For question 1, please un check the 'Display document modification toolbar' on the viewer configuration on that 'Edit Content' page. It will remove the document modification toolbar from the viewer.

    For 2, those pages are not available over designer for modification. Hence, it is not possible to disable the overwrite option on the UI.

  • divya_neelaiahdivya_neelaiah Divya Neelaiah
    edited May 25, 2015


    un checking "Display Document Modification toolbar" will remove complete toolbar, I want to remove one of the options like just remove "Extract Page" button keeping other two options.

    for option 2 is there any other option of disabling it other than using designer.

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