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xPLORE - CPS error at indexation time

edited July 23, 2015 in Documentum

Hello savvy,

We just deactivate content indexation for all the dm_format of our docbase using property of dm_format. Everything seems ok but we have always the same warning in the CPS logs :

[DM_INDEX_AGENT_RECEIVED_FT_CALLBACK_WARN] Received warn callback: id: 0902034284bf018f message: DOCUMENT_WARNING CPS Warning [/xxxi/xxxs/xxxx1/xplore/xxxx/****/IndexAgent/xxxx_9200_IndexAgent/content/dmft_0902034284bf018f_06020342824f3506_0_G0 can not be opened. No such file or directory]

Is it a normal error ? What could we check ?



  • we are also getting this error. any solution?

  • hqiuhqiu Documentum - SME EM

    hi, Julien:

    as default, Indexagent have housekeep script to cleanup temp file after certain time, the default value is 20 minutes.

    if cps_daemon is busy, and take more than 20 minute to process these objects, Indexagent will cleanup those folder and files, and cps_daemon will not be able to access those folder and files because Indexagent have cleanup those files

    what you can do is , In the indexagent.xml file, you can increase the following timeout values to 30 mins or more (the values are in miliseconds).

    600000 in the section
    180000 in the section
    1200000 in the section
    60000 in the section

    it is normal message , if that cps_daemon did not process those objects before Indexagent cleanup those folder and files.


    Tony Qiu
    Opentext ECD - SME

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