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xCP Calendar Widget

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Hello all,

We are working on an application in which we want to show events on a Calendar.

Is there any widget through which we can do so?

Thanks in advance.


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    Hi Vishal,

    We have the same requirement like you

  • nkingnking EM
    edited August 5, 2015

    We may have an xCelerator (not a widget as such) that could be helpful.  Let me find the link to it....

  • HetBenktHetBenkt Sr. Technical Consultant
    edited August 5, 2015

    Check out this post:

    Please also share your experience with the xCelerator in this post.

    Best regards,


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    Thanks  NIck & Antal for your Reply ,

    I will use it and will definitely share exp.

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    Hi Antal,

    I have written my custom function in CalendarService.java but still its not showing in Activity Inspector


  • HetBenktHetBenkt Sr. Technical Consultant
    edited August 6, 2015

    As I read your comment it looks like you updated the /lib/CalendarService.jar in the xCelerator jar itself...correct?

    Did you also updated the xCelerotor jar in xCP designer again?

    Maybe create a new process/activity and check again?

    Maybe a reboot of xCP designer will help?

    You can also post you JAR here; I can check it on my environment.

    And why not creating your own xCellerator with a dependency to this one; That would be my choice.

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    Hi Antal,

    Thanks for your reply,

    The Problem is solved Actually we  need to add new Java service the the custom function is visible

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    Hey Guys,

    Can you help me how to use this xCelerator.

    Am still confused with the java service and fragments, on how they are interlinked.

  • nordlander.nicklasnordlander.nicklas Nicklas Nordlander
    does anyone have the xCelerator available for download? The calendar xCelerator.
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