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Anybody have steps for UCF Troubleshooting on a Mac

edited August 26, 2015 in Documentum

Hello, I'm trying to use Safari on my Macbook to access Documentum but don't see any success at all.

I always end up getting the UCF errors. I've verified that the URL of the application is added to the Security Exception list on the Java control panel too.

I've also noted that the UCF folder is never created on my machine. I've seen partial success using Firefox, but whenever I perform an export operation, the Java applet crashes and the export fails.

Any body know of a standard set of steps for troubleshooting for UCF issues Mac?

Any help is greatly appreciated.




  • IngoZIngoZ EM
    edited August 26, 2015

    Please move your question over to the

    I have not dealt with UCF/Webtop but D2 on Mac but it is two-fold:

    Safari -> Preferences -> Security -> Java -> choose your site, select "run in unsafe mode"

    Java -> Security: reduce to high, add to site exception list

    Depending on the versions you are using you might not need the latter.


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