How to download a specific rendition of document in XCP 2.2 application?

durgesh88durgesh88 Durgesh Sahu
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Hi All,

I am trying to build a feature where user will be able to download the pdf rendition of document in XCP 2.2 application.

By debugging the extjs code for download I came to know that the download action in xcp is performed by contentXferBridge.js which in turn call XCPApplet (written in java). Both contentXferBridge.js and XCPApplet is the part of xcp-core jar file which is located at following location:


Is there is any way we can achieve the download of rendition. As far as I understand by decompiling the code It won't be possible to modify the XCPApplet core functionality and the methods provided by this applet does not take the content format of document as argument.

Any suggestion on this guys. Is it even possible to do this in XCP 2.2 ?

Thanks and Regards




  • dnvhariprasaddnvhariprasad Hari Prasad Dontu
    edited January 14, 2016

    dont go in that way..

    Did you try this xcelerator ?  This xcelerator might solve your problem.

  • durgesh88durgesh88 Durgesh Sahu
    edited January 14, 2016

    Hi Hari,

    Thanks for your response. I checked that xcelerator before and the way its downloading file is by constructing a

    REST url to download file and then pass this url to XCPapplet (Part of XCP Core) to execute action. I have gone through the xcp rest guide but i couldn't find any service which can be used to download rendition of document.

    Thanks and Regards

    Durgesh Sahu

  • Hi Durgesh,

    How had you managed to achieve this functionality ?


  • Hi,

    Use ACS URL for downloading any rendition.

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