Customize Webtop Smart Navigation(Search) using our own xPlore facets

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Hi All, I need to customize the Smart Navigation using our own facets. We have included the attributes in the xPlore file indexserverconfig.xml we want to use as facets. The problem is how to enter the information obtained from the search in Webtop Smart Navigation. Is there any easy way to do it? Is it configured in a XML file in a similar way to how to configure the Smart Navigation? Thank you. Prashant


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    Webtop Smart Navigation preceded xPlore by many years and there was no effort by EMC to integrate the two, or to quote

    • Webtop

    A custom WDK component needs to be created to enhance the single-box and advanced search for facets. This is conceptually what was done with “Webtop result clusters” prior to xPlore. The major difference between the Webtop result clusters and xPlore facets are the depth by which the counts occur over. The clusters can only compute the count over the small window of results pulled into Webtop. xPlore counts occur potentially over a result set that is 10x to 100x large.

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    Thanks Brian for the information,

    Thats what even, I was wondering, its been more than 5 years and didn't find anything from EMC side on integrating xPlore Facets with webtop. Do you have any detailed documents regarding WDK component development for webtop facet, or utilizing existing webtop Search component in configuring Faceted Search.

    Thanks again for your inputs.



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