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DQL enable (row_based) hint only returning first occurrence of repeating field

edited March 26, 2016 in Documentum

When I perform a standard DQL on a single object, I get values for repeating fields in a single, comma-delimited field.  This is exactly what I want.  When I attempt to retrieve a repeating value while joining two or more objects together, I get the following error:

[DM_QUERY2_E_REPEAT_TYPE_JOIN]error: "Your query is selecting repeating attributes and joining types."

Based on other web searches, I come to realize that I can resolve this problem by adding the "enable (row_based)" hint.  That returns a valid result; however, it only returns the first value in the repeating field.  For example, if I query a field called "repeating_field" using a standard search like:

select repeating_field from dm_document

I would get a response like "1234,abcd" - exactly what I want.

If I query "repeating_field" using a join and the row_based hint like:

select a.repeating_field from dm_document a, some_other_object b, dm_relation c

where b.r_object_id = c.parent_id and

a.r_object_id = c.child_id

enable (row_based)

I would get a response like "1234" - not good - "abcd" is missing.

Any idea how I may fix this?

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