Java based jobs not running

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I've recently modified the domain of the installation owner on the content server 6.7. All the necessary steps like changing the domain name in server.ini, registry keys and permissions on the file system were taken care.

We're facing one issue with the jobs where only dmbasic jobs are running while Java based jobs aren't running. Error message from the docbase log/ job properties is as follows:

FAILED: Could not launch method <<methodname>>: OS error: (No Error). DM error: ().

And from the JMS logs, I could find these error messages which are not pointing to any resolution:

ERROR [org.apache.catalina.core.ContainerBase.[jboss.web].[localhost].[/DmMail].[DoMail]] (http- Servlet.service() for servlet DoMail threw exception
java.lang.Exception: Failed to create session. Error: [DFC_UNIFIED_LOGON_SETUP_FAIL] "Setup for unified logon failed. Please see the log for more details"

ERROR [] (http- Failed to load users/passwords/role files No properties file: or defaults: found

File system level permissions are set and are in place for the new domain.

NOTE: Only domain has changed, not the installation owner name.

Let me know if any pointers would help in resolving the issue.


  • rouset
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    This may be the challenge. Check the Support Site for this article.

    Changing Content Server installation owner can cause Trusted Authentication to fail for ACS


  • Raina
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    Hello Rouse

    I've already modified all the necessary configurations mentioned in that EMC resolution.

    But still the issue persists, none of these Java based jobs are running.

    In the Java Server start up bat file, I tried giving the account name both with and without domain, still it doesn't help.

    set<installation owner>

  • rouset
    rouset E
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    It might be useful to trace launch the method so that the entire request is visible in the docbase log. In that way you can see the call that the method is making to the method server. I believe that the method may somehow be unable to get a ticket for authentication from the Content Server.

  • I am facing same issue with documentum 16.4.
    Anyone please help!

  • Hello!

    Please check if the privileged clients were added and given appropriate rights.

  • checked..still same issue

  • Can you check the JMS config’s base URI name-value combination.

    Is it set correctly ?

  • checked...its correct

  • Alright! Now I need to know if the error message is exactly same and if not what lead you to this situation to imagine possible solution.
  • FAILED: Could not launch method : OS error: (No Error), DM error: ().

  • What lead you to this error, is it so that you also had to change domain ? Is it all jobs that are failing ?
  • only custom java jobs are getting failed,we upgraded recently from documentum 7.1 to 16.4 and since then jobs are not running.

  • Aren't your jobs modules ? If I remember right, all the jobs post 7.3 must be modules.
  • are you calling java_methods as modules?

  • Method depended jars/ libraries are traditionally saved on the JMS library location on CS
    but if the method is of type module then all the libraries are stored right into the CS .

    Methods of module style implement IDFModule
  • You can use DA to enable trace launch on your method objects. Then enable http post trace using API.
    API> apply,c,NULL,SET_OPTIONS,OPTION,S,trace_http_post,VALUE,B,T
    API> reinit,c

    Launch your custom job and you should see the trace launch and post in the docbase log. You can then check the JMS server.log to find the error.

    Russell Kavanagh
    Documentum SME | Opentext

  • Check if the Documentum Java Method Server was on a “Stop” status. It should be "Started"