Reusing the number of an outgoing transmittal

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I have deleted an outgoing transmittal by dql delete eifx_transmittal objects where r_object_id = '' but the system is not using the number I have deleted for a new outgoing transmittal. Is there any reference that I need to remove?

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    If your transmittal is setup to use an autonumbering, then those numbers are generated with a sequence.

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    Thanks a lot for your answer.

    But how can I know which is that sequence?

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    Sequence is an internal setting to EPFM, which is based on your undelying DB that EPFM provides.

    But, when you configure an autonumbering configuration for your Transmittal Naming scheme, then you have an option to specify naming pattern, and sequence is an option that you could have to make a given transmittal unique.

    So, if you delete a transmittal that has a sequence number, say 0001 as part of its name, then the subsequent transmittals will get the next available sequence number, i.e. 0002. You cannot get that number back from the sequence.

    Just wondering, why do you need to create a transmittal having the same name?

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    Thank you for your answer. The problem is that I have defined the transmittal to reuse numbers. So if I delete a transmittal the next one created can have this number. But for some reason I have deleted a transmittal and this hasn't happen. I have deleted it by dql and I think that maybe there is somewhere in EPFM objects where this number still remains.


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    Usually it's good idea to delete an artifact from the application, because a transmittal or action process have relationship with other artifacts, i.e. document, task, etc... so, the application will keep the integrity.

    Since you deleted this using DQL, you might have well by passed those integrity checks, which is at the ECS/EIF level, and not content server.

    What's the error you get when you try and create the transmittal?

    Do you enter a name for the transmittal? or its auto populated?

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    Thanks for your answer, I am not getting an error when creating a transmittal, the only thing is that as the number is automatic it is not using the one I deleted, although I have checked the option: reuse number,

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