Object Migration from one Docbase to another Docbase

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Hi Documentum Experts,

We are looking to migrate objects from one docbase to another.

Having searched on the same, could observe that there are certain third party softwares used to achieve the same.

Is there any way this can be achieved without any third party tool.

Also it would be better to share, the way of copying object from one cabinet to another without using Copy to Clipboard option and without any change in the i_chronicle_id of the objects.

Thanks for your suggestion on the same!


Vivek Raaja.B


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    You can use Composer and create a project to store your content.  You will probably need to limit your "batch" size so that the DAR file that is produced is not greater than 2GB if you are working on older OS.

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    To copy objects across repositories, Dump and load is an option too.

    If you need to preserve object IDs, the source and target repositories must have the same docbase ID; this is compulsory.

    The dm_load_record has an attribute called “relocate” (default TRUE) for this purpose. It is actually not advised to use this option as each repository has its own sets of r_object_ids to start with.

    References: KB 414375 - Dump and Load White Paper - https://support.emc.com/kb/414375

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    I believe dump and load also requires the versions of the content server to be the same.  Composer DAR file is newer way to export/import content than dump/load method.

  • Hi Johnny

    Can we perform bulk export of content and metadata(manifest file) to a file share and import the same into documentum repository using the composer DAR.If so could you please guide us how to use this composer DAR.Any documentation on this would be great

  • This is in the Composer manual. Instead of importing Documentum app artifacts (e.g. policy, wf, etc), just select Sysobject and Composer will give you an option of importing cabinet, folder, folder and subfolders.

  • Thanks Johnny. Will it also help in the export of content and metadata(manifest) into a (file share) .Will it be useful to perform bulk volume of data.

  • Yes and yes (to certain extent). We try to limit DAR size (contents) to <2 GB

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    Hi, is there an option to select my objects based on r_object_id for importing in to dar. -- I am trying to perform migration using composer but all I have is some 5000 r_object_id s which are all across the system (not in a folder). if this not possible, any alternatives?.

  • I don't think so. Dump/load supports providing DQL criterion, but not Composer. As workaround, you can create a temp cabinet and link those objects to the cabinet and use that cabinet as source for DAR.

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