How to force auto-search for newly created object in D2

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I have a defined work space in D2 that includes a BrowserWidget (for navigating folders), a DocListWidget that shows the contents of the currently selected folder, and a Search component to look for folders.  When navigating the folder structure, if a top-level folder is selected, the subfolders within it are shown in the DocListWidget.  All this works well.  However, we have reached a point where the number of subfolders is getting large, and so whenever we create a new subfolder, it's becoming more difficult to find the newly created folder to access it.

Is there a way to configure the BrowserWidget (or the New menu item) in D2 so that, after a new folder is created, it can automatically trigger the search to execute, passing it the object_name of the folder that was just created, so that the new folder will appear by itself in the DocListWidget ?  How would one configure that?



  • Mayur_shivs
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    Hi Rene,

    You can extend D2LocateService by writing a custom plugin in this case.



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