D2: How can I dynamically set a value on text field based on a condition in a property page

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Hello to all,

On a property page, I would like to dynamically set a specific value in an attribute (in a text field) depending on the value selected for another attribute (in a drop field).

It's easy to get a list of value values for a list dropdown or list box, but that's not what I want. I want the resulting value to be displayed in a text area on the property page.

To better explain the example of the structure:


Control TypeAttributeDQL Query / User Value / ConditionsControl State
Cattura.PNG.pngCOMBO FIELDattr1

DQL Query: SELECT label, value FROM my_val_table

List of values: AA, BB, CC

Cattur3.PNG.pngTEXT FIELDattr2Conditions: if value of attr1 is AA set attr2 value 10 else accept for set attr2 Any value User-typed


if value of attr1 is AA set Disable or read only else set Enabled


Any ideas from you how to do it?

Thanks for the support,

Best Regards, Luca



  • dnvhariprasad
    dnvhariprasad Hari Prasad Dontu
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    Just a thought.. might work..

    You can have 2 textboxes.  and use the visibility conditions to make it visible depending on the conditions..

    i.e., if the above field gives value 22, then make one text control visible otherwise another.

    if you keep one below the other, there might not be blank space

  • Cyborg85
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    Thanks for your help, but that I know in a propery page can only associate one control for an attribute. Then I should handle 2 distinct attributes in the type, possibly then merged from a tbo. I do not think this is my solution.