Link to document / task in email : is it possible to use a variable for the host/port ?

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I'm currently working on an application using D2 4.6 and I am working on the Email notifications configuration.

I have set for multiple events a message that get the workflow message plus a link to the document or the workitem.

Since we are planning to deploy our configuration on 4 environments on the client's servers, we are looking for a way to use the D2 client url or a dictionary value where we will have stored a d2_url including the start of the URL :

Here is what we have actually in our message field for a notification on a dm_started_workitem :

<p style="font-family:arial;font-size:12px;"> $value(task.message) <br/> You can access the task using this link: <a href='<host>:<port>/D2/?docbase=$value(docbase_name)&locateTarget=TasksWidget&locateId=$value(tracker.stamp)'>$value(document.object_name)</a></p>

I'm not sure the allowed jokers in the parameters would be able to query a value for a dictionary or use the D2 url declared in the Options of D2-Config. Does anyone have achieved something like this with the D2 url ?

Thank you for your advices.


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