Invalid mime type \"null"\: mimeType must not be empty

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Hello All

We are using POSTMAN to test creating an object in Documentum 7.3

In our Test environment it works perfectly fine, when i send in the object and content

In our production environment i get the following error

Can someone please help, this is impacting our production environment




  • abc123
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    Hi Koka, It's because the REST 7.3GA build has rigid mime type check on the 1st part, and with the Postman client, you won't be able to specify a custom JSON media type, like application/vnd.emc.documentum+json.

    We have "fixed" this in REST 7.3 Patch 01+, by accepting tolerant JSON / XML messages in the 1st part. Please get the latest REST 7.3 patch release to test.

  • koka
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    Hi William

    Thanks for the response. But i was wrong in the Version number. We are using 6.7.

    Is there an issue with 6.7 also?

    The alarming thing for us is we have done all our testing in the Test server but unfortunately its not working in Production. If you could help that would be great


  • koka
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    Hi William

    Again minor correction.

    We are on DCTM 6.7 Rest Services 7.3.0040.0015



  • abc123
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    • Hi Koka, if it's urgent for you, please file a SR to our support so that we can help look into your issue in detail. REST 7.3 officially back supports Content Server to 7.1. But in practice, it should be fine to work with Content Server 6.7SP2. And Content Server version should not be the cause of this issue.
  • Hi,

    Even I am facing the same issue while sending request to D2 REST via postman.

    Can anyone please help me in finding what can be the issue?
    DO we have to set mimetype specifically in postman while sending request?
    OR is there anything else which I am missing??


  • Hi VB,

    Seems to be issue with the docbase itself. Can you try to upload same PDF document directly from DA and check if any issues appearing or not.

    Might be the mime_type attribute is missing for PDF format and causing the issues here.

    Hope this helps:)

    Hari Gadhamsetty
    Architect, Consulting Services

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