D2 Page Layout / Menu and Widget Positions

jomari_macaraegjomari_macaraeg Jomari Macaraeg
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Hi all,

We've just upgraded D2 to 4.5 and, as part of the upgrade, we've deleted all of the user preferences. Is there a way to change the default position of the Menu in D2 for all accounts? When I say all accounts, I mean current and future accounts. Its default position is along the left side but we want to set it on top of the screen so that users will not have to change it by themselves.

I understand that there is the d2c_preferences which contains the "Default" object name but it doesn't have the portal_menu_position unlike x3_preferences. We've already set the portal_menu_position's value to "top" but if we create and/or use accounts that haven't logged in since the upgrade, the menu is still located in the left side of the screen. It only changes if we do it manually thru the user settings.

Is there a way to change the default widgets found on the right side of the screen? Just like above

Not all of the users appear on our d2c_preferences and x3_preferences.. The users in the list are only the users that have logged in to D2 after the upgrade

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