Some inquiries that need help from all xCP experts

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Hello All,
We are in the process of migrating our business processes built using xCP 1.6 (TaskSpace) to xCP 2.3. And we have the following inquiries\issues which we will be happy to be answered with your best practices for how to overcome these issues or use more practical solutions:

1• Unable to do dependent filtration among multiple drop down lists in Result list. For example, DDL1 filters DDL2 that filter DDL3 in a results list control.
    o Should have been fixed in patch 8 but still not fixed in patch 12

2• Unable to access all user tasks from all processes in user inbox (not only the processes included within the application)
    o Current workaround: Create a specific application for all user tasks by adding all processes to the application as libraries. We believe that this is not a good practice.

3• Unable to include task link in task notification mail automatically
    o Current workaround: Use a process data mapping to map the activity name in a process variable before each process step. We still find this as unpractical solution

4• Sharing a document type between multiple applications
    o As per the whitepaper xcp2.0 design patterns, types should not be shared directly between application, but should be added as libraries

5• How different developers can work on different processes within the same application?
    o Current workaround: each developer work on a process in a separate application, then we create a new application and add these processes as libraries

6• Adding a new process to a deployed application with some processes:
    o Current workaround: Include all existing processes within the application to be able to add the new process to the application.

7• How to open a process from different application and modify then deploy?
    o In xCP 1.6, a process can be opened from the repository, modified and deployed. How to achieve that in xCP 2.3?

8• How to Sync new attributes added to a document type?
    o Currently, when we add attributes to a document type using DA, the new attributes are not shown in the application containing this type.

9• Problem with sending tasks to a group of one user
    o When a task is sent to a group of one user, the task is sent directly to the user not the group, and if another user is added to the group, existing tasks are not displayed to the new user.

10• After Deployment, Tomcat can’t unzip application war file correctly
    o Current Workaround: Rename the unzipped file, such that tomcat will create another one

11• If a project cannot be opened from xCP Designer, the application cannot be restored again
    o Current Workaround: Take application backups frequently

12• Problem importing an application
    o Some files in the xCP designer may get corrupted after changing in its folder directory. Current Workaround: Use a new designer zip, unzip it and import all applications in it.

13• Error while deploying a process: [ERROR] Process **** already exists in the Docbase
    o Current workaround: Delete the process, restart XMS and then re-deploy the process again.

Thanks in advance for any feedback that can help solving the above issues. And feel free to inform us if you need further details on any of these issues.

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