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creating new columns in Inbox view

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Hello Everyone,

I am being asked to add some additional columns. When we click on the InBox in Documentum, we see these columns:


Subject   From    date Received Due Dat Status and Repository

When I double click on one of the items under subject I see three columns saying

Name     Format   Modified


I want to add additional columns in the above view. I clicked on the add button, but I don’t see any columns that I want. How can I add additional custom columns like document type, estimated disposition date, folder Date(folder date the record resides in) in this view?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    The Add button is for Attachments (hence, the link is right next to it).  If you want to add columns, click on icon that has two vertical rows of lines to the right of the repository col in the first screen shot.

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    Below is the screen shot of all the columns that I can see in the first screen shot. Can I add my own custom column like Type of Document.


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    Yes.  Look in the WDK/Webtop development guide for more details.

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    Hi Johnny,

    I was googling and saw this article. Will it be a good article to get me started and will help me to create custom columns in documentum. I am very new to documentum or can you suggest any other article that can help me to start with in simple way. I just need to create two more columns in the above view. You help in suggesting the article or blog will be very much appreciated.


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    There is a lot of old sample code on the old Developer Site that may be helpful for you:


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    Thank you for all these articles. I was going through the "Grokking the paradigm" article and it mentions something about that all the files we need to fiddle with are in <application root>/webtop directory. It also mentions something about unstripped.jar file. Below is the screen shot of the slide:



    I don't see any file on the content server named unstripped.jar file. I also search my local computer. Where can I find this file?  The article is very helpful though. Thank you again for all your help.The web top version that I am using is 6.7 SP3 and DA version that I am using is 7.1

    You help in this is very much appreciated.

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    All of the components already exists in the wdk, webcomponent, or webtop folders next to custom.  Just search for the component and copy xml, jsp, and component class to appropriate locations to extend OOTB components.

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    Thank You.

  • Anjali, did you get a chance complete the customization. if so can you share the steps

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