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Retention Not working as expected

edited October 28, 2017 in Documentum

Hi All,

The retention policy when applied to a folder and importing docs is not inheriting the retention to the docs that are imported. However when the folder is created and import docs and then we apply retention its working fine.

User is part of dmc_rps_contributor and rmc_rps_retention managers role with client capability of super user. also the policy is been added to global authorities.

Please help in resolving this.



  • edited October 27, 2017

    Strange.  Are you using Webtop or D2 to import docs?  How are you verifying whether retention is applied (ie did you try deleting the document)?

  • edited October 27, 2017

    I'm trying from webtop, and I'm verifying it if that has retainer ID and also view-> Applied retention.

  • edited October 28, 2017

    Are you using any TBO/SBOs?  Does this behavior happens when you use DA?

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