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I'm trying to setup a continuous integration (CI) deployment environment for xCP 2.3 using Jenkins. I'm packaging the code correctly but now need to deploy to to xDA using xDA-Tools.

In xCP 2.2 there was a way to login to xms-tools by passing in xms username/password as arguments (e.g. xms.bat --username admin --password pa22w0r4)

I'm trying to work out how to do this for xDA but haven't managed it.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks!



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    Andrew kindly sorted this out for xCP 2.2 (xms-tools): https://community.emc.com/thread/189163?start=0&tstart=0

  • @jcwhall You can try deployment using maven commands-
    mvn xcp-import-project:run deploy -DenvConfigFile= -DappConfigFile= -DdesignerPath= -DdataPolicy="MAINTAIN" -DdeploymentMethod="INCREMENTAL"

    Where config file will have xDA related details i.e. host,username/password etc

  • @jcwhall Use xda-tools for command line deployment ,
    put your parameters in xda-tools\config\properties-file , click on \xda-tools\bin enter user name and password and simply run command deploy-xcp-application



  • gokul1989_1gokul1989_1 Gokulakrishnan Prabhakaran

    @Sandysonk Im trying with below maven command,

    Still getting an error

    mvn xcp-import-project:run deploy -Dorg.eclipse.equinox.http.jetty.http.port=2910 -DenvConfigFile=C:\envConfig.properties -DappConfigFile=".\target\POC_poc_1.0.0_config.xml" -DdesignerPath="C:\xCPDesigner"

    The properties file is not recognized, Do you see anything wrong with syntax

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