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UCF session wait timeout

edited November 9, 2017 in Documentum


I have installed Webtop 6.81  and i am trying to open a pdf file. The problem is that , when i double click the document to open it, i am getting the error "UCF session wait timeout", after waiting a little bit.

The idea is that i got this error in one machine with IE11 x64 with Java8 x64, where the app server is installed. On other machine, where is almost the same configuration, i can open the document without problems.

I mention that the difference between the two machines is that the machine which is not working has not access to internet.

What i observed is that, in the machine where the UCF is not working, the trace of requests stopped here:

"/<MyApp>/_0/1al4gsbgg-9h0i/wdk/system    HTTP    GET    (Aborted)"

What could be the problem?

Thank you

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