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How does Webtop assign owner?

jklawrencejklawrence Jane Lawrence
edited November 21, 2017 in Documentum

About three months ago, WebTop users began to receive errors when updating properties indicating that the owner of the document didn't exist.  It appears that when documents are created, the owner assigned is often (but not always) set as the docbase owner rather than the user who is creating the document.  I don't know why this suddenly began to occur.  There have been no recent upgrades or patches to the software.  The specific error is:

Error(s) found while validating the object:

  Invalid value "<docbase owner here>" for the attribute 'Owner Name": User must choose value from the value assistance.

The properties modification is saved even with the error.

I resolved this issue by adding the docbase owner to one of the security groups so that it appears in the value assistance list.  However, can any one tell me why it would assign that user as the owner?  Why wouldn't the user/creator of the document become the owner? 


  • The owner of an object in a Documentum repository is generally the connected user who issued the "Create" API. It would seem that the docbase owner may have created these documents via an automated process? Have you checked the audit trail entries on the document to check the provenance?

  • jklawrencejklawrence Jane Lawrence

    Thanks for the comment. The answer was in the lifecycles. When the documents were being promoted from one state to another, the owner was changed. Unfortunately, it was the wrong owner alias, which probably got modified during a previous update of the object type.

  • The ever present "law of unintended consequences"...Perhaps the lifecycles were QA'd only for intended effect and not for unintentional effect. I'm glad that this is solved.

  • edited February 21, 2018

    validate_modified_attributes_tag set to true in wdk/app.xml resolved for me

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