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Implement a counter of view of a page


We need to implement a counter of view as in this discussion.
How can I do with Teamsite ?



  • Hi

    Do you think we can use Oracle database of LSCS to store the counter of view ?

  • SUre you can, just create a new table.

  • But LSDS already has similar functionality, if you are using it.

  • Yes we can use LSDS but how can we do with LSDS ?

  • edited March 14, 2018

    Check out the OOTB components. They are not exact, but there are examples which save information to a DB (like rate this page). You should be able to repurpose that

  • LSDS external Java support DB connection like any other Java projects. You can use JDBC direct connection or if you are using weblogic, you can use the data-sourse of weblogic itself.

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