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resolving variables in ucf.installer.config.xml

Webtop 6.8.2 on linux

resolving variables in ucf.installer.config.xml for a Windows client

For guidance, we are referring to the information in the "Configuring UCF client path substitution" section on p57 of the EMC Documentum Web Development Kit Version 6.8.2 Development Guide.

when we use the java system property user.home like this

it resolves without any problems. However, we want to change the directory location from C:/Users/ (which is what $java{user.home} resolves to) and instead use a user directory on a mapped network drive (e.g. H:/).

The problem we're having is that we're unable to resolve a java system variable if it occurs in the middle of a path string rather than at the start. Taking the example above, if we specify

we see the creation of a folder called "$java{}" which is happening because the java variable is not being resolved (presumably because it is surrounded by double quotes as well as String path information (as we saw above, if the java variable occurs at the beginning of a path string, it resolves successfully even though it is within double quotes).

We have tried adding a user-defined java system property to JAVA_OPTS using -D and passing it in to the java process started in, then referring to it using the $java syntax, but we are unable to retrieve that at all.

We've also tried setting a linux environment variable (TESTDIR) and attempting to retrieve it using the $env syntax - e.g.

This does not work at all - we're not sure whether we have the $env syntax correct for retrieving a linux environment variable.

We've seen other similar posts but either they have no replies or the background does not quite match our own.

Has anyone else been able to resolve these problems?



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