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Run Report Failed - AxisFault - com.actuate.common.servlet.AxisWrapperServlet.processAxisFault()

Hi Experts,

I have developed a (chart) report which uses the data model to show auto drill down and drill up charts.
The report is working fine when executed from the Analytics Designer.

But once it is published to the iHub server, it is throwing Run Report Failed error when we try to drill down.
Please find the below error stack trace.

Please note that it is working if we develop a new report (with new data model) and publish it to the iHub server for the first time. But it is again throwing the "Run Report Failed" error when we make any other changes in the project and publish to the iHub server again.



  • Hi,

    **System Details - **

    iHub version - opentextinformationhub-ihub1621
    Analytics Designer Version - Version: 24.2.1
    Build id: v20171002

    Also please find the attached document which contains error stack trace for the above mentioned scenario.


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