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BIRT 4.7.0 runtime in Maven

Why the BIRT 4.7.0 runtime is not available in a maven repository? Do you have plans to add it here?


  • could you please provide more info what you are trying to achieve, so we can suggest you what is supported with BIRT.

  • To achieve your requirement

  • We use Maven to add BIRT runtime libraries to our application. One of the functionality of our application is generate reports.

  • Also we have following problem: Class path contains multiple SLF4J bindings. It is impossible to exclude dependencies because org.slf4j classes are baked into org.eclipse.birt.runtime-4.7.0-20170622.jar.

  • In org.eclipse.birt.runtime-4.7.0-20170622.jar slf4j implementation classes (NOPBinding classes ) included because of that our application not able to log message using log4j-slf4j-impl jar. As per slf4j any framework which is supported to be used by other application should not include any slf4j-binding.

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