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Customizing tool tip fonts in Open Source BIRT Reports

Currently, in Open Source BIRT reports there is no way tool tip can be customized. The default font size could be too small for all users. However, it cannot be changed from the UI. This tip explains how to use the QTip libraries to integrate custom tool tip in BIRT Reports so that so that the font size and other properties can be customized as needed for business requirements.

Integration requries the following Qtip library and CSS( stylesheet)



These libraries can be downloaed from the following location:

Note: While downloading the libraries makes sure "Viewport adjustment" is seleced from "Choose additional features".

This feature is required to auto adjust the tooltip based on the window location

Steps to integrate the QTip libraries in BIRT

  1. Add the libraries and stylesheet to the BIRT report using head.js function in clientInitialize event under clientscripts.

clientScripts event can be accessed from the top of the reports.

head.js( "", function() {


jQuery(function ($) {

head.js("", "", function() {

console.log("Done loading all");






  1. Add a Text element in the Table header with the following JavaScript. This script goes through all DIV elements with

class "qtiptext" and applies the QTip properties defined in library and stylesheet

console.log ('report starting 0...'); jQuery('.qtiptxt').each(function($) { console.log ('report starting 1...'); jQuery(this).qtip({position: {viewport: jQuery(window)}}); });
  1. Add Text elements with text set to HTML as needed. Add the below code and update as per the requirement.

Total Unique Clients Mentored

Here "Total Unique Clients Mentored" is the text that will be displayed in report and text in title which is "The unique number of clients processed during the selected time period. Clients do not get counted more than once regardless of meetings count." will be displayed when the mouse is mover over the Text.

Raj Jawahar

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