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Include blob images in the BIRT report at runtime

Hi there,

I apologize for my poor English.

Due to some requirements from our customer, we can only use BIRT Model API to create a report design at runtime.
For now we use imageHandle to add images to our report, the code is like:
ImageHandle image = elementFactory.newImage(null); image.setFile(url.get(i)); cell.getContent().add(image);
Now we need to add some blob images in this report too. these blob images are not stored in any kind of databases, we just receive them at runtime as return value from a native method.

I checked API for both ImageHandle and EmbeddedImageHandle but did no figure out how to create an image using Byte Array as parameter.

Is there anyone who know how to create blob images in report using BIRT Model API at runtime? Any form of help is honestly really appreciated.

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