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How to hide parameters in url while displaying Birt report

I am calling the report from my application in JSF the connection parameters are captured by the application and sent to the Birt, the only problem and that parameters are visible in the address bar.

is there any way to hide them or encrypt them?

I need this because the data may come from applications with different connections.

I am using
window.open( http://localhost:8081/birt5/run?__report=Report/Bound_Polici es_Report.rptdesign&Report_StartDate=05/20/2018&Repo rt_EndDate=05/30/2018&Report_InsuranceCompanyId=0&Re port_DomicileState=New+Mexico&Report_InsuranceCarrierId= 0&Report_BusinessType=All&__format=html&__title= Compquick )
to load the new report.

Is there any solution to hide paramters if my requirement is that the Report should open in new when I click on submit button in one JSF.

I would appreciate any help you could give. Thanks :)


  • edited August 6, 2018

    I have attached an example that shows how to pass a parameter using the POST method. The example only runs in commercial BIRT. You will need to edit post_add_path.rptdesign before you run. Change the line in CAPS in the text element script. Replace the instruction text and brackets (<>) with the full path to target.rptdesign on your machine. Include the report name. All code is provided only as an example and should be tested thoroughly.

    Run post_add_path.rptdesign and click the button. The value 103 is passed to the customernumber parameter on target 103 via the POST method (not visible).

    You can also encrypt the parameter values and then pass them in the URL like you normally would. Then decrypt them in the report, typically in Initialize or beforeFactory.

    Jeff F.
    Sr. Technical Support Specialist
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