TS 16.3 DCT Form:Finish button not working when Containers used in the form

I may be completely off my rocker on this one, but I've tested this and been able to reproduce it and it is behaving this way in our existing Production server on DCT forms that have not been touched in years. It appears that in TS 16.3, if you have a DCT form that utilizes tags, the Finish button on the DCT form will not work for previously saved DCRs. It works only when you enter the data the first time (New Form Entry), but after a DCR is saved and you open it for editing, the Finish button is no longer working. If you open the console debugger in FF, I see the error:

TypeError: datacapture.activeItem is null

But I have no idea what that means. I have opened a support ticket with OpenText. Waiting to hear if I'm an idiot or if I'm the only one who didn't know about this bug. Or both. I can't believe I would be the first one to catch this...


  • Update: Apparently if you do modify anything in a form the Finish button then works. It's only if you edit a DCR then click Finish that it doesn't work. I was testing a scenario where you edit an existing DCR and then click SaveAs to save the DCR under a new name (basically a poor man's "copy") and then click Finish - it doesn't work. This scenaio, while unlikely, is still feasible, so the bug is still valid.

  • Hi David, If your containers are collapsed than finish button will create issue. In templating.cfg use replicant-render = normal for the particular category and then try the DCR and check if it works as expected. We faced this issue many times and as the containers are closed the JavaScript creates trouble with the Finish button. Try the following in templating.cfg and let me know if that fixes it.

  • We don't want the containers to be expanded upon opening a DCR. That's a poor user experience for the users to have the containers expanded. I get what you're saying, but in this case, it's unlikely that a user would encounter this issue since they are unlikely to do this - open a DCR and just SaveAs without changing something. If Finish never worked at all, that would be a different story.

  • Hi David, I understand your requirement. This is kind of a bug we noticed in TeamSite environment. We have also applied fix for the closed Container and that is to use iwitem.focus on any field, so that, dcrs feels like something is modified and it will allow to click finish without any issues. OpenText might be able to explain more on the same and also give a resolution for the same.

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