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SAML Metadata missing

I'm trying to implement a SAML authentication to Documentum. Trying it in D2, Webtop and DS16.4...
Already build an Identity Provider Server, but im missing the Service Provider Metadata from Documentum.
Anyone got an idea where to find?


  • any update on the metadata?

  • Yeah, there isn't any metadata in D2 and Webtop. You have to use ADFS or build a custum solution for other Identity Providers.
    Only REST delivers a metadata file.

  • Thank you. In our case, we are going to use other IDP. what is the metadata we should be expecting from Documentum perspective? I see from the documentation, it requires only the token signing cert file from the IDP server to be placed in the documentum server. Anything else required?

  • You need the URL from the IdP in Documentum and the IdP must send the username as "name id" and "windowsaccountname".

  • Can i please get a sample of the metadata file ? I am configuring SAML for D2 20.2 with Shibboleth Identity Provider.
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