iw_CGI_wrapper running as system

OS: Windows 2012 R2
TS version - upgraded from to 16.4

Since the upgrade Perl script call via FormApi is running the script as System, Even the execution of the simple script shown below
(https://URL/iw-cc/iw-bin/iw_cgi_wrapper.cgi/hello2.ipl returns the user value as nt authority\system. We have an open ticket with OpenText but it's not been resolved yet. Has anyone seen this issue before? There is a thread from April 2008 but no resolution is given in that.


    $| = 1;
    open (STDERR, ">&STDOUT");
    my $DEBUG = 1;  # debug variable, set to 1 if debugging else set to 0
    my $user = `whoami`;
    ## Open a logfile
    my $logfile = "d:/iw/teamsite/local/logs/TEST.log";
    open (LOG, ">>$logfile") or print "Could not open log file $file \<br\> Because $! \<br\>";
    debug ("user: $user"); 

    sub debug {
        if ($DEBUG) {
            print LOG "xxxx : @_\n";

    sub printhtml { 
    print << "ENDOFDOC";
    Content-type: text/html

    <H1>HELLO WORLD $user</H1>
    exit 0;

Thank you.


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