Hi all,

do you know how i can transform a doc file to a pdf on the submit process in Teamsite? How i can catch the event ?

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  • There are a couple of approaches you can use. Following your train of thought, you can create a trigger on a submit event. There is a CLT call iwatsub you can use. There are other ways to use triggers as well.

    However the better approach is that, you are likely using workflow to do the submit. the workflow has a GUI that you can customize so you can add a couple steps, a decision point, whether a file that needs to be transformed is in the specific job, then the transform step itself.

  • yggyyggy Patrick Fonte

    HI Andy,

    sorry i didn't explain correctly. I want to catch the event of uploading the file. And transform in that moment.

    Best Regards and Thanks

  • Then for that you need to use a trigger. The easiest is to catch the CreateFSE event.You can search for that, as well as use the iwatcreate CLT.

    Now that will only run on creating a new FSE, not modifying or updating an existing FSE. There are ways to catch a modify event but that is more difficult. It will run on all create events, so you need to be certain you only run it when you want to run it.

    I suggest you try to do this either with a custom menu item or a workflow. This approach you want is like trying to kill an insect with a shotgun. You can do it, but there will be a mess.

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