Migration issue

Hi all,

We recently migrated a workarea, which contains 2 sites, from one TeamSite environment to another. One of the sites is a SitePublisher site, the other was done with ExperienceStudio. To migrate this workarea, we simply copied and pasted the folder /iwmnt/default/main/ from one server to the other.

This indeed migrated everything, and we can see the files on TeamSite. However, we cannot see them on ExperienceStudio. Is there anything else we need to do besides copying the files from one filesystem to the other?

Thank you in advance. Best regards,
Vítor Costa


  • If you look at the properties of .page fiels generated by either SitePublisherExperienceStudio, you will find that these files have some extra metadata. The most easier way to make it work is to write some scripts to re-create those metadata using iwextattr command. You can find propery example in Command-Line Tools Guide.

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