A few TeamSite 16.4.x Fresh install questions...

1) TYPICAL or CUSTOM install? We don't own, want or use LiveSite/SitePublisher. Previously we had done a custom install of 8.x and unchecked LiveSite, but it still installed LiveSite remnants/folders/etc all throughout the d:/interwoven directories and even in the UI?
2) Is it OK to put SEARCH on the same server? the documentation recommends separate boxes, but this has been nothing but headaches for us (network/connection errors, search constantly being down, etc). I would really prefer to put it on the same box (also saves a box)
3) any major pain points/changes/tips/etc. coming from7.4.x? It looks like the content store is compatible without needing to run any migration tools thankfully

Thanks in advance!


    1. I use the typical. Don't worry about installing LS, you may be able to prevent it but doesn't hurt. 1 point, assign a DB for LS (do not use the no-db option). There is a bug in the installer and eStudio won't operate unless those beans are define.
    2. I would not do that. Search is a pretty hefty beast with SOLR, in a Dev environment it should be OK, but not in prod. SOLR uses a ton of RAM, and I suspect that will cause issues.,
    3. Found a memory leak in JBOSS (under extremely high usage), but overall it has been pretty well received. One more point with the install, (I posted a thread about this). If you copy your complete store on the new server and then point the installer to it, it will fail. The installer sees the store (not default, but admin or workflow or another file) and then decides it is an upgrade. Net net is that IWSERVER won't start because no license and the install will fail. Choose a new location for the store and then point change the store (or you can copy the license into iwhome/etc before the server tries to start, if you time it right)
    4. Finally increase the amount of RAM you have. Double it if you can. You won't regret it. :-)

    Good luck

  • I just installed 16.4.1 (on Linux) with a fresh install and it was not fun. There are some new things that require you to actually look at the docs - where I had not had to change the way we were doing things since at least 7.x - several upgrades.

    One is the OpenDeploy Boot Wrapper if you intend to run OD as non-root. You no longer need a wrapper for OD. Took me about an hour to discover that in the doc after trying to figure out why it kept failing to run the wrapper. This hasn't changed in, well, forever. Till now.

    Another is forcing TS to run HTTPS. This used to be a simple addition to rewrite.conf.template, but now there are some requirements to also change iwwebd.conf.template, which are documented, but again this hasn't changed in several versions until now.

    Running a toolkit after migrating our backing store and installing our custom codebase failed due to this little nugget: aura-mart-mobile.tk.war. I think it has to do with the backing store that we migrated not being set up for that one, but I am waiting to hear back from support why it failed. Once I commented that out of toolkits.xml, my toolkit ran successfully.

    I am now installing Zookeeper and SOLR, which has very limited documentation in the OpenText Product Docs, which is really bad. They should put all the details needed to install everything in the Product Docs. But with the help of support, I got a KB article that is pretty good that walks you through most of the Zookeeper and SOLR install/configuration. I hope it works...

  • NOTE: Regarding the migrated backing store and executing a new toolkit that ends up running install_webapps, if your old backing store is not already set up to handle the aura-mart-mobile.tk.war, then you must do this before you run your toolkit:

    Create branch: /default/main/aura-mart-mobile
    Create Workarea: /default/main/aura-mart-mobile/WORKAREA/shared

  • Great feedback guys - thank you very much- will have a few more questions soon...

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