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Opening multiple reports in separate tabs in IE

Good morning, all!

I received an inquiry from one of my users to see if it is possible to have multiple reports open in IE on separate tabs. At the moment, when they run a report through our iConsole (handles user identification and 'Share' rights on reports), it will open the chosen report in a new tab. If they go back to the original tab, and choose another report from the list to run, it will do away with the first report, and show the newly chosen report. Right clicking on the report link does not allow for 'open in new tab' to be selected. Is there a way to have reports on multiple tabs at the same time?

Thanks in advance for any help provided!



  • edited April 22, 2019

    Hi Scott,

    I do not see a way to enable opening a new tab for a specific user. Here is a Knowledge Base article that shows how to modify the Information Console source code to change the tab behavior for everyone using the Information Console:


    It involves modifying the source code, so be sure to make a backup copy and make a note that the change will need to be reapplied if you do a new install.

    Other possibilities:

    • Engage Professional Services to add custom tab functionality to your Information Console (i.e. a checkbox that individual users can set to configure how the tabs work).
    • Create your own web page with links to run reports. The web page could be a report itself. I know one customer who saved the links to a database and created a "Report Selector" report that displayed the links to the actual reports via a data set. They used the data set's Row Access Control List to determine which links each user could see.
    • Put a link on the top of the report that says something like "Make a copy of this report". It will be a hyperlink to the same report.
    • The user can click the browser's "New Tab" icon, then manually copy the URL from the first tab and paste it into the second tab's address bar creating a copy of the report. The next report that is run will replace the contents of the first tab leaving the second tab intact.
    • Install a standalone Information Console and customize it like in the Knowledge Base article. Let users choose the old or new console.
    Jeff F.
    Customer Support Engineer I
  • Jeff,

    Good morning! Thanks for the info! I will take a look and see which one might be feasible for us to pursue.

    Have a great day!


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