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BIRT-R Script sample

Hi all,
Has anyone got some sample reports using BIRT-R script so I can get some idea how to use it ? and also a start up BIRT-R script document


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    I don't have an example handy at the moment. Here are the basic instructions:

    1. Create a standard data set with numeric data.
    2. Add a computed column to the data set.
    3. Set the data type to Float and click the expression builder icon (fx).
    4. Under "Category", double click Birt Functions.
    5. Under "Sub Category" scroll to the bottom in click "R" (only available in 16.2 and higher).
    6. Double click one or more of the R functions on the right to add them to the expression.
    7. Insert data into the expression manually or via the Available Data Set column data.

    You can use R functions in other expressions like filters, aggregations, etc. There are many online resources that explain what the R functions do.

    Jeff F.
    Customer Support Engineer I
  • Thanks for explanation Jeff,
    I am getting error even though it is a very simple insert. I have attached what I have done and what error I am getting.


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    The R assign() method takes two arguments, a variable name and a value. Also, if you get an error regarding the Rserve libraries, there is a plugin that you need to install. I did not see the instructions in the Analytics Designer User Guide, but there is information about setting up R in the Information Hub Installation and Configuration Guide.

    Jeff F.
    Customer Support Engineer I
  • Thanks Jeff will check the guide

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