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Question about info seen in ihubc.exe file in regards to failed jobs coming in from customer portal.

Good afternoon, all!

We have report mailer jobs scheduled through our customer portal (a URL request is fired for each one, and sent to our iHub production server) that appear to be failing on a regular basis (I can't actually see these jobs, as they're not 'scheduled' in the iHub system). When looking in the ihubc.exe log, I see the following message multiple times when these jobs are running/failing:

AcJobDispatcher::GetNextPendingJob : No free async resource group available , Error:Load balancer cannot locate an available server with the required Factory and View services.

Does that line refer to the failing jobs? And, if 'Yes', how do we go about solving the issue?

Thanks in advance for any help provided!



  • Hello CodeRookie,

    The “No free async resource group available” error message is likely not related to the failing jobs. Jobs sent via URL request are considered transient jobs (unscheduled), they don’t utilize asynchronous resources. Do the jobs fail if you fire a URL request manually rather than scheduling it through your customer portal? If possible, can you share a sample URL?

    For this issue, I recommend submitting a support ticket, so we can analyze the problem further and find a solution.

    Best Regards,


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